Recreational use of cannabis has it's effects or at least help inducing feeling tired or shut-eye. Marijuana strains with high levels of THC, especially indica have a well deserved reputation of being so strong that it will make you feel really high/numb and put you to sleep instantly. The terpene, Myrcene, is the most commonly found terpene in marijuana and is one reason why this happens. This form of a “couchlock” high certainly works for relaxation, stress relief, and bedtime. The terpene, Linalool, is a reminiscent of fresh flowers. This terpene is responsible for the sedative and calming effects. Another terpene that will give you the relaxing and sedative effects is Nerolidol. These are some of the most common terpenes that is found in certain cannabis strains and it can help with calming and sleep issues. However, is one of the side effects of taking CBD oil make you tired as well?

do you get tired from using cbd oil


CBD hemp oil is extracted from the stalk and seed of cannabis (hemp) plants. Pure CBD hemp oil is extracted from the cannabis varieties that are naturally abundant in CBD and low in THC. A specialized extraction process is used to yield highly concentrated CBD oil or pure cannabidiol that also contains other nutritious material such as Omega 3 fatty acids, nutrients, vitamins, terpenes, amino acids, and many more.

CBD offers a variety of health and nutritional benefits without the high associated with THC products. CBD is legal across the united states, and no med cards or prescriptions necessary.


People often ask if you get sleepy while taking any sort of CBD products? Does CBD help you fall asleep? It all depends on how you look at it. CBD oil has a calming effect on it's users.

Most sleep disorders and problems can be tracked back to stress. Common sense dictates that less stress should equate to more and better quality of sleep, but everyone's body is different. One study has shown that the less CBD you intake the less likely of feeling tired, as the more you increase, it leads to sleep-inducing bliss.

Studies involving healthy human volunteers appear to agree with the animal tested findings.

In the study, those who received CBD reported sleeping longer, with fewer periods of waking up and restlessness. When CBD is given in lower dosages, subjects report feeling more stimulant rather than drowsy. 


Taking a daily dose of CBD can help you relax, which will lead you to having much better sleep at night. So if you're looking to take CBD oil products throughout the daytime and don't want to feel too relaxed, you can consume small amounts and increase the doses towards the end of your work schedule while at home, as it will tend to make you feel sleepy and get you set up for a well deserved night of rest. 

Because CBD oil is technically a nutritional supplement and not regulated by the FDA, we do not make any bold claims or imply that it should be taken for any particular ailment. We encourage you to do a little more research and always consult your doctor or physician, try any of our CBD products, and come to your own personal conclusions. 

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